4.2.2. Creation of a gateway

To create a gateway, you have two main options:

  • Create the gateway from scratch.
  • Duplicate an existing gateway that you already created, or from the Babelway catalogue.

You can access this choice by clicking on Create a gateway in the gateways list screen, or directly from the channel detail screen.

Create a new gateway

To create a gateway, first you have to select the type of gateway that you want to use (Email, FTP, AS2, HTTP, ...).

Gateway creation - Type choice.

Figure 4.23. Gateway creation - Type choice.

Then you need to fill the parameters of the gateway and click on Create gateway. The parameters depend on the type of gateway selected. You can find a detailed explanation of every gateway type in the section on GatewayTypes..

Gateway creation - Parameters for Email

Figure 4.24. Gateway creation - Parameters for Email

Gateway creation - Parameters for FtpClient

Figure 4.25. Gateway creation - Parameters for FtpClient

After having clicked on Create gateway, you will receive a confirmation that the gateway is correctly created, or a detailed error message if your settings are not correct.

Gateway creation - Confirmation

Figure 4.26. Gateway creation - Confirmation

Gateway creation - Error

Figure 4.27. Gateway creation - Error

Reuse an existing gateway

The other solution is to select an existing gateway from the "Reuse and save time" zone.

Gateway creation - Reuse

Figure 4.28. Gateway creation - Reuse

Gateway creation - Reuse confirmation

Figure 4.29. Gateway creation - Reuse confirmation

When you are in the Channels section, and you reuse a gateway that is already used in other channels, you will have the choice of either to share the gateway, or to make a copy.

Gateway creation - Share or copy

Figure 4.30. Gateway creation - Share or copy

More details can be found in the Reuse and save time section.