4.10.1. Certificate's Details

The certificate's details page regroups and displays all the useful information about a certificate, and gives access to several actions such as revoking the certificate, or downloading it.


An alias to easily identify the certificate.

Distinguished Name

A set of information about the certificate, used to uniquely identify it.

Serial Number

Internal parameter used to classify certificates

Expiration Date

Date after which the certificate will no longer be valid.

Several actions are available, to help you easily manage every certificate in your keystore, and share them with your partner or across applications.


Download the certificate in PKCS12 format.

Download PKCS7

Download the certificate in PKCS7 format.

Download SSH

Download the certificate's public key in pub format encoded as an ssh-rsa key.


Definitely remove a certificate from your Babelway keystore

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Using channels

All the channels that use this element.

Using gateways

All the Gateways that use this certificate (by default, and depending on the trust level setting, https gateways trust the certificates present in you keystore).

Connected Message Definition (through extra-processing)

List of message definitions that have an extra-processing related to this certificate.