5.4.3. User detail

Manage and edit the details about one of your users.
User detail

Figure 5.13. User detail


A unique identifier automatically set by Babelway platform.

Created on

Date and time of creation.


The username chosen at registration time.

First name

The first name of the user.

Last name

The last name of the user.


The email address of the user.


Language. The interface is displayed in the chosen language. Please note that only English is fully supported, and that other languages are in development, and supported on a best-effort basis. It can happen that you still have some messages in English in one of the other languages.


The telephone number of the user.

Last password update

The date and time of the last update of the password.

Last login

The last login date, time and location.

Failed login count

The number of failed login that occured since the last successful one.

Blocked until

The date and time until which the user is blocked.