5.2.2. Messages

This tab allows you to view and change the parameters of your environment that affect how the messages are processed.

Environment settings - Messages

Figure 5.5. Environment settings - Messages

Message Storage Duration

How long the messages processed in this environment will be kept. The possible values are 15 days, 1 month, 3 months, 1 year or 10 years for legal documents that must be kept longer. The value set here is a default value at environment level, and will only be used if a more specific value is not set at channel level.

Messaging Engine

This parameter defines on which "Messaging Engine" an environment is running. A Messaging Engine groups the different components processing and storing messages. This leverages Babelway multi cloud architecture allowing to load balance operations on several infrastructures.

IP addresses

This parameter defines the IPs of components of the "Messaging Engine" on which an environment is running.

Use Secure Chain

Defines if the environment is using the Babelway Secure Chain mechanism. The secure chain is a key part of Babelway's legal archiving solution.

Special Data Privacy

If true, only users with an explicit right on the environment have access to the content of the messages and user management. This prevents Babelway support to see the content of messages.

SLA Capacity

1 or more, is a measure of the processing capacity associated to the account environment. It defines the maximum number of messages (in 10kB chunk) that can be processed per minute.(Service Level Agreement)