5.2.1. General

The General tab allows you to view or change how your account and environment are identified.

If you have multiple environments, it is important to name them correctly, to ease the comprehension of the content of each of them.

Environment settings - General

Figure 5.4. Environment settings - General

Account name

The name of your account. By default, this name includes your login name.

Account Password Policy

The password policy defines the security level used for the authentication of all the users having access to this account.

The following policies exist:

  • Regular: The user password must have a length not less than 6 characters.
  • Strong: The user password must contain a mix of UPPER-CASE and lower-case characters as well as numbers, and have a length not less than 8 characters. A mandatatory password renewal is enforced at least every 90 days. Each new password should differ from the previously used ones.

Only the Babelway administrators can modify this setting.

Environment name

The name of the current environment. By default, this name is "Environment X" (X is the count of environments in your account).


A unique identifier for your environment, automatically set by the Babelway platform.