What is Amazon MWS?

Amazon Market Web Services is an integrated web API that gives access to information on the Amazon Seller Central. This API grants access to various bits of information associated with a Seller Central account and updates based on activity on the account.

Connecting to the Amazon MWS is very crucial when looking to automate processes with your Amazon Seller Central Account. Much of the manual work done on a seller account can be automated if the API and subsequent communication or other systems involved are designed to automate the process for you.

Amazon MWS and Babelway

Babelway has created an API connection the the Amazon MWS. This gateway type allows you to access Order and Inventory information within a Seller Central account. The API works by calling the MWS with certain requests of information and then returning the results via an XML format. Those that use this gateway can then transform the XML data into another format to further their automation, such as sending to an ERP or to a drop shipper.

Here is how the setup looks in Babelway

You only need to input a few parameters into Babelway that you can get directly from your Amazon Seller Central account. Once enabled, you can leverage this gateway to pull order information into Babelway.

Easy setup and monitoring

Deploy your connection in seconds, making it ready for testing immediately

  • Define a few simple parameters and create your connection
  • Access more advanced settings to adjust your connection requirements
  • Define specific polling times to ensure prompt delivery or receipt of your files
  • Monitor all file connections from one unified monitoring section

Transform any format

Use simple drag & drop tools to map your message to any other format for easy import/export in/from your database

  • 12+ formats to choose from: CSV, multi-record text file, IDOC, Excel, XML, UBL, etc.
  • Hundreds of transformation functions available or build your custom functions
  • Use lookup tables to replace data sets
  • Change your file structure without losing your transformation maps

Connect to anyone

Connect your Babelway environment using any EDI or non-EDI communication protocols

  • 12+ communication protocols supported including X400, VAN, sFTP, SMTP, etc. regardless of how they were received
  • Define retry strategies for maximum robustness
  • Get notified and intervene immediately in case of processing or delivery issues

And last but not least:

Get extended support from the experts

Babelway is not only a great Self-Service platform, it’s a team of expert individuals to make you succeed

  • Spot the ‘reuse and save time’ zone on the right of the screen? Import messages and maps from our catalog
  • Access on-demand, online training material through BabelAcademy – check out the program here.
  • Access our support helpdesk anytime and ask your questions

“I have to say how helpful Babelway support is. It was amazing how quickly I was getting answers to my questions. Sometimes even at all hours of day and night.”

IT Department, Vandeputte

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